Don't divest Western

Tell Western University not to divest from Canadian oil and gas

Support Canadian Energy

A group of faculty and staff are calling on Western University in London, Ontario to stop all investment in Canadian oil and gas.

You would hope that University professors would have done their research first, but they didn't. Because here are the facts:

  • Global demand for oil and gas will remain high through at least 2050
  • The Canadian energy sector has the highest Environmental, Social and Governance standards (ESG) in the world
  • Canadian oil and gas can help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions
  • If oil and gas aren't produced in Canada they will come from countries with terrible environmental and human rights records
  • Ending investment in Canadian oil and gas will not help the environment, but it will help dictators get richer and fund their dangerous regimes.

Let's stop this divestment movement at Western in its tracks. Send a letter to the Western University Board of Governors to make sure they stay invested in Canadian oil and gas.