Help Europe stand up to Putin

Tell your MP to support Canadian energy projects to displace Putin's chokehold over Europe's energy supplies

Support Canadian Energy

In a very real way, energy policy in Canada and other producers in the west have created the environment for Russia’s aggression on Ukraine.

Many European nations are dependent on Russian oil and gas to keep electricity and heating prices affordable. President Vladimir Putin has been able to enjoy a steady flow of capital that has helped fuel Moscow’s war machine.

Unlike Canada, Russia’s production of natural resources comes with little or no consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance standards.

The only way Europe will ever be free of Putin's influence is if they no longer depend on Russian energy. The best way to do that is to replace it with responsible, peaceful Canadian Energy. 

Send a letter to the federal Minister of Natural Resources and your MP demanding that they commit to supporting our energy sector to fuel the world with the planet’s most responsibly produced oil and gas. That means fast-tracking critical energy infrastructure including strategic pipelines, LNG terminals, and tanker access, as well as helping the industry develop game-changing environmental technology, and standing up for the sector as the world’s energy solution.

Tell your MP to help Europe stand up to Putin by supporting Canadian energy.