Pledge to oppose "Just Transition"

The Canadian Oil and Gas industry is under threat. The so-called "Just Transition" could impact 2.7 million jobs across Canada. Sign this pledge to register your opposition to this terrible policy!

Support Canadian Energy

I believe the federal government’s proposed ‘Just Transition’ legislation will hurt Canadian families and do irreparable, irreversible damage to the national economy.

Federal documents make it clear the Just Transition will create “significant labour market disruptions” for 2.7 million Canadian workers, or 13.5% of the country’s workforce.

And the impact will be felt throughout our economy. According to government briefing note:

“We expect that larger-scale transformations will take place in:

  • Agriculture (about 292,000 workers; 1.5% of Canada’s employment)
  • Energy (about 202,000 workers; 1% of Canada’s employment)
  • Manufacturing (about 193,000 workers; 1% of Canada’s employment)
  • Buildings (about 1.4 million workers; 7% of Canada’s employment); and transportation sectors (about 642,000 workers; 3% of Canada’s employment)”

Those are farmers in Saskatchewan, truck drivers in Atlantic Canada, construction workers in northern B.C., plant workers in Ontario, in addition to the men and women who work in Canada’s world-leading oil and gas industry. This comes at a time at which global demand for oil and gas has never been higher and world economies are teetering on the edge of recession.

Canada has an opportunity to be the supplier of choice for a world that needs reliable and responsibly produced energy while new carbon reducing technology comes on stream. Without Canadian energy, our global allies will only become more reliant on state-owned oil and gas producers who lack our country’s commitment to human rights, environmental protection and the highest standards of governance.

According to the International Energy Agency, oil and gas will still account for nearly half of the energy needed to power our modern society by 2050, only slightly lower than today’s energy mix.

That’s why a strong Canadian oil and gas sector, leading the way with carbon reducing technology, will continue to be vital in the decades to come. It’s also worth noting that liquefied natural gas from Canada can make a measurable difference in lowering global emissions by helping replace coal in developing Asian economies like China and India.

In short, the world needs MORE Canadian oil and gas, not less.

Therefore, I pledge my opposition to the Just Transition and support the workers from coast-to-coast who are supported either directly or indirectly by Canada’s peerless oil and gas industry.