Pledge to Support Line 5

The Line 5 pipeline is under threat. This crucial pipeline brings oil from the west to Ontario. Shutting it down could be disastrous. Show your support for this vital pipeline by signing this pledge.

Support Canadian Energy

I support the Line 5 pipeline, a critical piece of infrastructure that supports jobs on both sides of the border, keeps energy prices affordable and provides energy security to both Canada and its U.S. friends and allies.

Canadian oil and gas is among the most responsibly produced on the planet, adhering to some of the world’s most rigorous environmental, social and governance standards. Line 5 is a key conduit for that product, not only to the Great Lakes States, but Ontario and Quebec as well.

Shutting down Line 5 would have huge consequences for both of our great countries, with key refineries in Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania facing a shortage of 14.7 million U.S. gallons of gas, diesel and jet fuel a day, about 45% of current supply.

A closure would also come at a cost of thousands of well-paid union jobs in both Canada and the U.S. It’s estimated the Sarnia, Ontario region alone would lose some 5,000 full-time refinery jobs and see another 23,500 indirect jobs impacted.

Line 5 has operated safely since 1953 without a single leak, and Enbridge is planning to make it even safer by embedding a new line in a concrete underground tunnel.

Closing Line 5 will not eliminate the demand for crucial oil and gas products. Without that infrastructure, it’s estimated transporting the same amount of crude oil and natural gas liquids would require 2,000 transport trucks or 800 rail cars going one way, each day – not exactly a safer alternative.

Therefore, I support the Line 5 pipeline as part of our long-standing energy relationship with the U.S., protect livelihoods and ensure responsibly produced Canadian oil and gas is not replaced with product from regimes that lack our shared democratic principles.