Stop the Emissions Cap

Federal consultation on Oil and Gas emissions needs your voice

Support Canadian Energy

The federal government is considering how to implement new greenhouse gas restrictions and wants your input.

Unlike previous approaches to managing climate change the government is focused on one industry: Oil and Gas.

The government is considering a series of swift and restrictive regulations that would see oil and gas emissions capped and cut in Canada, without any recognition of the global context.

Climate change is a global problem and will only be solved by tackling it in a global manner.

Not only is Canada a small emitter on a global scale, but our energy technology innovations can also help reduce global emissions. 

A thriving Canadian oil and gas sector can provide energy security to our allies and displace heavy emitting coal plants in Asia.

By filling out the form, you can formally submit to the federal government's consultation on these new greenhouse gas rules for the oil and gas industry, which tells them to consider the global situation to solve this global problem.