Tell BC's new Premier to support LNG

More BC LNG means a greener planet and strong economy.

Support Canadian Energy

BC has a new Premier - David Eby. Let's make sure he starts his time in office on the right foot.

British Columbia has an incredible opportunity to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, support indigenous prosperity and create thousands of jobs - all by investing in Liquified Natural Gas. He's said he is against expanding oil and gas infrastructure in BC. This position does not take into account growing global demand for cleaner energy solutions.

The global energy crisis has led to a resurgence of coal, with China alone set to add enough new coal plants over the next five years that it would nearly triple Canada’s total annual emissions. The good news is, Canada can help – but only if B.C. gets serious about supporting its LNG industry and expanding it to become the supplier of choice to Asia, and beyond. If Canada increases its ability to export LNG to northeast Asia, we could reduce global emissions by as much as 188 million tonnes of CO2 annually. That’s the equivalent of 29% of all Canada’s annual emissions, or the same as removing all the cars from Canadian roads.

B.C.’s LNG industry is also providing an unprecedented opportunity for First Nations not only through financial benefit agreements but by taking a direct role in project development. The Haisla and Nisga'a Nations are owners of LNG projects on BC's northwest coast and 16 First Nations will become 10% owners of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, creating an economic opportunity that can help eliminate poverty in Indigenous communities.

Of course, expanding BC's LNG industry will add to the over 55,000 jobs that the oil and gas industry already supports across British Columbia. 

Send Premier Eby a letter telling him to support the expansion of BC's LNG industry to help reduce global carbon emissions, to support indigenous development and economic prosperity.