Tell RBC to listen to Canadians not celebrities

Celebrities want the Royal Bank to stop funding a pipeline that is supported by First Nations, will lower global emissions and reduce the demand for Russian gas.

Support Canadian Energy

A group of celebrities Hollywood actors, musicians and activists are trying to stop the Coastal GasLink pipeline despite the fact that it has the support of every single elected First Nations government along its route.

They are calling on the Royal Bank of Canada to suspend financing for the pipeline's construction. It doesn't matter to them that the pipeline is 60% complete, will create prosperity for Indigenous communities, help reduce global emissions and lower dependency on gas from Russia.

It's time to stand up to these uninformed activists with their phoney allegations, exaggerations and drive-by smears of Canadian energy.

If you believe, that the Coastal GasLink pipeline should go ahead, join us in sending a letter to the Royal Bank of Canada's Board of Directors urging them to maintain their commitment to Canadian energy.