Tell Turnbull Canadians don’t deserve pain

This Liberal MP has it backwards. Make sure he gets the facts.

Support Canadian Energy

Ryan Turnbull has got it all wrong.

He's the Liberal MP for Whitby, Ontario. In a recent debate in the House of Commons, he said Canadians should be a prepared for "painful" transition to net zero.

He's got it backwards. Canadian energy is essential to the world's move toward net-zero carbon emissions. 

Not only is Canada's oil and gas industry a world leader in ESG and environmental measures but Canadian Natural Gas can be used to displace foreign coal plants reducing global carbon emissions. 

With gasoline prices over $2 a litre across Canada while inflation, fueled by global oil and gas shortages, has impacted prices on everything from groceries to housing, Mr. Turnbull's comments were also tone-deaf. 

We need your help to make him understand that Canadians don’t deserve pain, they deserve prosperity.

Hit the button to the right to send him the letter telling him the facts about our industry and how essential we are to Canada's social, economic and environmental goals.