Thank Sorbara

Say thank you to a Liberal MP who understand the importance of the energy industry

Support Canadian Energy

Recently, Francesco Sorbara, the MP for Vaughan-Woodbridge did something we don't often expect from a federal Liberal MP: he acknowledged the critical importance of our oil and gas industry to our national economy.

This was a pleasant surprise and a sign that our message is starting to have an impact.

Let's say thank you and make sure he knows a few more key facts about Canada's energy sector.

Click to the right to send him a thank you note and make sure he knows that:

  • Between 2000 and 2019, Canada’s oil and gas industry paid over $500 billion in taxes and royalties to federal, provincial and municipal governments, or about $25 billion a year to help pay for the roads, schools, and medical care Canadians rely upon.
  • Three major energy projects – the Trans Mountain Expansion, Coastal GasLink and LNG Canada – have spent more than $6.4 billion with Indigenous-owned local businesses. Indigenous employees also made up 6.3% of the workforce in Canada’s oil and gas industry as of 2019.
  • Canada’s oil and gas industry is helping ensure Canada’s reputation as an environmental leader, investing about $1 billion annually on research and development of cleantech.