Why is BC Hydro bashing Natural Gas?

Tell the CEO that BC Hydro should stop attacking Natural Gas on social media

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Recently BC Hydro has taken to bashing Natural Gas on social media.

This makes no sense. Because BC Hydro is deeply invested in natural gas.

BC Hydro currently operates two of its own natural gas-fired power plants in Fort Nelson and Prince Rupert. The $16-billion Site C dam is being built in part to power liquified natural gas (LNG) export facilities in the province.

As well, the attack on natural gas ignores the fact that LNG from B.C. can be a major catalyst in helping to lower global emissions by providing Asian countries with a much cleaner option than coal for their growing economies.

So let's put an end to attacks on an important part of BC's energy industry.

Click on the right to tell the CEO of BC Hydro, Chris O'Riley, to stop this ridiculous and hypocritical bashing of BC's own natural gas.