Canadian LNG for Germany

Tell the Canadian Government to step up and make it happen

Support Canadian Energy

Russia's war on Ukraine is funded by its gas sales to Europe in general and Germany in particular.

The Germans need other alternatives. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said: “As Germany is moving away from Russian energy at warp speed, Canada is our partner of choice. For now, this means increasing our LNG imports. We hope that Canadian LNG will play a major role in this.”

Our allies are desperately looking for new suppliers so they don’t have to send money to the dictator in the Kremlin just to keep their homes warm in winter.

Unfortunately, when presented with this terrible situation, our own Prime Minister has said that he's doubtful Canada can help.

The reality is the case for Canadian LNG has never been stronger. Here’s why:

  • There are already existing connections between western Canada’s natural gas fields and the east coast through North America’s integrated natural gas pipeline system. 
  • Canada has major advantages as an LNG supplier of choice, with shorter shipping times to both Europe and Asia, as well as boasting among the cleanest LNG on the planet. Germany alone is fast tracking at least five LNG import terminals, with the first to start operating by the end of this year.
  • Canadians also stand to benefit by growing our LNG industry, which could generate more than $90 billion in revenues for our governments, as well as adding 96,550 direct, indirect and induced jobs annually.

So send Prime Minister Trudeau and Jonathan Wilkinson, the Minister of Natural Resources a letter asking them to step up and get Canadian LNG to Germany.