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Canada’s energy sector is facing unprecedented challenges. The toll from the world oil price collapse and COVID-19 has caused thousands of people to lose their jobs as companies cut spending and put growth plans on indefinite hold. Your support of the industry that heats our homes, funds healthcare and public education, keeps essential supply chains moving and generates the raw materials needed for the countless products and technologies we rely on every day is CRITICAL.

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Canada’s oil and natural gas industry can and will play a key role in re-booting our economy as the world continues to grapple with the biggest health challenge of our lifetimes. We are one of the best in the world at extracting and producing natural resources safely, sustainably and responsibly. Now, more than ever, we need to support our energy industry to ensure Canadian families thrive and survive.

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Tell the real story at COP 26

Tell the real story at COP 26

Tell Canada's representatives at COP26 Climate Change Conference to brag about what our energy sector is doing to fight climate change.

Stop the

Stop the "just transition"

Make your voice heard. Let the government know what you think about shutting down the oil and gas industry.

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A Matter of Fact: Report misrepresents long-term demand for Canadian oil

A Canadian Press article published over the weekend grossly misrepresents the International Energy Agency’s findings about Canada in its latest global oil outlook.

Why choking off oil and gas supply does the world more harm than good

Two new global energy outlooks released amid major shortages in Asia and Europe underscore the reality that it will take decades for the world to shift to low carbon energy.

The Facts

Commentary: Europe’s oil from tyrannies and autocracies: 3.1 trillion Euros worth since 2005

Commentary: Europe’s oil from tyrannies and autocracies: 3.1 trillion Euros worth since 2005

One of the more bizarre developments in Europe in recent years has been the twin policy path whereby fossil fuels are discouraged in favour of wind and solar, but deals are yet struck with autocracies such as Russia to import more fossil fuel via pipelines.

WATCH: CEC’s Mark Milke on EU imports of foreign oil from tyrannies and autocracies

Canadian Energy Centre Executive Director of Research Mark Milke joined Business Insider host Mario Toneguzzi to discuss the reliance of European Union nations on imported oil from countries with poor civil rights records like Russia and Saudi Arabia.