Stop the Oil and Gas Emissions Cap

Make your voice heard. Tell the federal government an emissions cap will make things worse.

Support Canadian Energy

The Government of Canada is holding consultations into its planned Emissions Cap for the Oil and Gas sector. This is effectively a cap on production, according to analysts including the Business Council of Canada. This would devastate oil and gas jobs across Canada, leaving our country worse off while making no impact on fighting climate change.

Tell the Government its emissions cap is the wrong approach. Send in a submission using the form on this page.

The world used more oil in 2023 than ever before, and the International Energy Agency predicts demand will reach a new record high in 2024. In its most recent outlook, the IEA says in the most likely scenario oil and gas will still account for nearly half (46%) of the global energy mix by 2050.

Policies like an emissions cap that hurt Canada’s oil and gas industry will only help prolong the use of coal as a major global fuel source. Coal was responsible for 76% of all CO2 emissions from the world’s power sector in 2022. Replacing it with cleaner LNG from trusted suppliers like Canada could do significantly more to lower emissions on a global scale than any sort of industry-specific emissions cap.

Make your voice heard. Please send a letter to the government before the consultation period ends on February 5, 2024.