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Natural Gas should be key part of appliance upgrade program

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The Federal Government recently rolled out the Canada Greener Homes Grant program which is supposed to help Canadians reduce carbon emissions by subsidizing upgrades to household appliances.

In the fine print, it turns out that the program only provides grants to upgrade to electrical heating systems.

The trouble is that millions of Canadians heat their homes with Natural Gas, which is more affordable than electricity and accounts for only 1.5% of Canada's GHG emissions. So instead of encouraging Canadians to upgrade their Natural Gas furnaces to be more efficient and generate fewer emissions, the feds put ideology first. They aren't interested in reducing Canada's GHG emissions, they want to phase out our vibrant fossil fuel industry. And of course since Natural Gas is cheaper than electricity this program does nothing to help lower-income Canadians.

So let's do something about it. Send the Prime Minister a message telling him to fix this program by including Natural Gas.

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