The world needs more canadian energy

Tell the PM to make Canada the supplier of choice for the world's growing energy needs.

Support Canadian Energy

Canada's energy sector keeps getting better. Emissions intensity from the oil sands dropped an astounding 27% in only six years. This is making a real difference for the climate and is something that all Canadians should be proud of.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau and his cabinet seem to have an uninformed view of the 
Canadian oil and gas sector.

They are targeting it while ignoring other industries that likewise contribute to our country’s emissions.

The Prime Minister has targeted oil and gas, which may get good global PR, but all of Canada will pay the economic price. The threat of these vague measures will be to create uncertainty which means fewer new investments, fewer expansions, fewer jobs – but will in no way help solve the climate challenge.

Instead of transitioning our energy industry into oblivion, Canada should take advantage of our strengths.

We are ranked number 1 among major oil reserve holders in environmental protection efforts, social standards and inclusion, and transparent governance.

Coming out of the pandemic demand for oil and gas is rising around the world. 

We should be growing our industry, displacing oil from countries that abuse human rights and the environment, 
while continuing the reduce emissions.

The world needs more Canadian energy!

Send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau demanding that he recognize the accomplishments of our world-leading energy sector and take steps to make Canada the supplier of choice for the world's 
growing energy needs.